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Fe y Alegria in Spain

Historical summary
Lines of action
Programs receiving support
New challenges

Historical summary

Fe y Alegría en España (6Kb)Entreculturas/Fe y Alegria is an organization dedicated to education and development in poor nations.  Sponsored by the Society of Jesus, it is a member of the International Federation of Fe y Alegria and is the representative in Spain of the work that Fe y Alegria does to promote education as a means of social change, justice and intercultural dialogue.

Fe y Alegría en España (6Kb)Fe y Alegria in Spain has its origin in the offices in Pamplona and Madrid, created by the Fathers Faustino Martinez de Olcoz and Cesareo Garcia del Cerro, in 1962 and 1965 respectively.  Nonetheless, for years previously the Society of Jesus had been helping with many projects in the poorest countries that had as their goal using education as a means to help poor people live their life with dignity.  In 1985 the Fe y Alegria Association was founded with the aim of strengthening this endeavor.

During the decade 1985-95 the Association developed a progressively more consistent program in relation to the countries where Fe y Alegria existed.  These were years when international cooperation was beginning to develop vigorously in Spanish civil society.  The dynamics of expansion in this new field encouraged the Association to consolidate and to mature both in personnel and in professionalism.  The work of many years gave rise to the need for an organizational restructuring aimed at achieving more efficient manners of functioning.  The Association was fundamentally being moved by an impulse very characteristic of Ignatian spirituality: the search for the greater good, that which is more universal and encompassing.

Presently Fe y Alegria in Spain has the status of a foundation with the name Entreculturas Foundation/Fe y Alegria, an institution at the service of the most disadvantaged; its primary relationships are with Fe y Alegria International in Latin America and with the Jesuit Refugee Service in Africa.

Aside from the central office in Madrid, the Foundation has branch offices in Andalucia, Aragon, Asturias, Baleares, Canarias, Cantabria, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla-Leon, Extremadura, Galicia, Murcia, La Rioja y Valencia.

Lines of action

  1. Management of development projects that seek co-financing with Spanish and European governmental agencies.
  2. Acquisition of private resources for the financial support of development programs in the South and for the education of European society about Third World problems.
  3. Educational activities to promote solidarity in Spanish schools and in European forums.
  4. Communicating to Spanish society information about activities and experiences in the South.


  1. A more professional staff and an improved internal structure of the Foundation. A joint vision with respect to the project of Fe y Alegria International and a diversification of the means of cooperation (financial support, services, channels for transmission of the experience of Fe y Alegria).
  2. Trustworthiness in relation to government agencies.
  3. Popular Education as a central theme in the Foundation, and ability to promote communities of solidarity in Spain.
  4. The Foundation’s origin (in the South) and its legal connection with the Federation, as well as its status as an NGO backed by the Society of Jesus, something unique in the panorama of European aid agencies.
  5. The interchange of experiences even beyond the North-South differences, sponsoring meetings and facilitating communication among the Americas, Africa and Europe.

Programs receiving support

As part of our mission we work in Latin America and Africa in the following aid and development programs:

  1. Broadening and improving educational coverage.
  2. Enrichment of the educational process.
  3. Work training and technological formation.
  4. Intercultural education.
  5. Integral programs for street children.
  6. Gender in development.
  7. Education in values and community action.
  8. Radio education.
  9. Humanitarian aid.

In Spain we develop programs of consciousness-raising and education for development:

  1. Organization of conferences, design and production of materials (including original audio-visual materials), participation in forums and collaboration with the principal mass media.
  2. We create educational material and run campaigns for educational institutions in collaboration with publishers and financing agencies.  We promote teacher exchange between the North and the South.

New challenges

To culminate the re-founding process in three aspects:

  1. In the development of networks in the South that promote Popular Education.
  2. In the creation of a space for advocacy in Spanish and European civil society.
  3. In the consolidation of a financial structure with alternative and complementary sources of income.



Director: Agustín Alonso S.J.
Oficina: Calle Pablo Aranda, 3
28006 Madrid - España
Teléfono: (34) 91-5902672
Fax: (34) 91-5902673
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