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Fe y Alegria in Honduras

Historical summary
Lines of action
New challenges

Historical summary

Fe y Alegría en Honduras (6Kb)In 1998 the Jesuits of Honduras began studying the possibility of founding Fe y Alegria in this country where 70 percent of the population lives in poverty.  A final decision was made in the year 2000, and a Jesuit was named as the first director, with the job of undertaking the necessary tasks for establishing and developing the movement.  Thus Fe y Alegria Honduras was found in the city of El Progreso, Yoro, taking as its initial platform the educative work of three technical schools which were already functioning under Jesuit administration.  In the course of the year 2001 personnel was hired to direct the educational and institutional development of the movement, and people were hired to do research and promotion in the fields of pre-school education and radio education.

Lines of action

  1. Supporting and strengthening the network of technical schools: we seek to improve the opportunities for technical training and secondary studies for young people from poor families, by developing the pedagogical, administrative and financial capacity of the schools, as well as their social impact.
  2. Consolidating pre-school education initiatives: by means of a network didactic and material support is given to teachers in 31 centers which function in 4 parishes and which care for 950 children.
  3. Promoting processes of Popular Education and Social Action: we run workshops in social development, human rights and community leadership, with the aim of reinforcing the social action projects of Jesuits institutions in the department of Yoro.
  4. Encouraging alternative education: by means of workshops in theater, music and art an effort is made to promote cultural and social consciousness among the marginalized young people of Tegucigalpa.

New challenges

  1. Making known in Honduras the Mission Statement of Fe y Alegria and creating a conscience in people of the existence of a genuine alternative in popular education.
  2. Establishing relationships with government bodies and non-governmental organizations with the aim of securing the necessary financing for the projects being considered.  In Honduras there has not existed a tradition of government assistance to private schools, and even the public schools are poorly financed.
  3. Discerning and determining the best way in which Fe y Alegria Honduras can serve the 70% of the population which lives in poverty.  The possibilities are many, the resources are few, but there is high motivation in face of such pressing needs.



Director: Miguel A. Molina Escalante
Oficina: Frente a la línea férrea, contiguo al
Instituto Técnico Loyola, Zona de la Compañía
Yoro - Honduras
Teléfono: (504) 6473516
Telefax: (504) 6474741 
Correo-e general: