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Fe y Alegria in Brazil

Historical summary
Lines of action
Goals for the coming years

Historical summary

Fe y Alegría en Brasil (6Kb)The founding of Fe y Alegria in Brazil in 1980 came as an initiative of Fr Jose Maria Velaz, in conjunction with the Jesuit Provinces of the country.  By 1984 the movement was active in the states of Mato Gross, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and Parana, mainly through programs which attended to the needs of small children, organized in collaboration with movements in the local communities.  In 1986 a line of support was obtained from an association of rural and urban workers in Parana; subsequently in various regions attention was given to the problem of street children.  In the following years, attention was extended to children and adolescents of school age in non-formal education projects and in youth centers, above all in the regions of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Parana.

Fe y Alegría en Brasil (6Kb)Fe y Alegria Brazil is presently expanding its work with the youth population, seeking to improve the quality of formal and non-formal education by means of teacher training, direct educational programs and active participation in the defense of the rights of children and adolescents.  Fe y Alegria Brasil sees education as a means towards human and political development which permits its beneficiaries to attain genuine participation in society, exercising their citizenship in order to transform society.

Lines of action

  1. Education: running of programs which attend children from zero to six years of age in day-care centers and pre-schools, and older children in primary schools and youth centers.
  2. Defense of rights:  active participation in CONANDA, the National Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents, and various defense councils and forums at state and city level.
  3. Community development:  promotion of rural cooperative projects, health care, women’s leadership groups in neighborhood community associations, and other efforts that fortify and stimulate community development and the raising of living standards.
  4. Teacher training: attempts to respond to the growing need for improving the quality of attention given to children in the day-care centers and the community pre-schools.    Criteria of quality have been set up in cooperation with universities, research centers, ministries of education, NGOs and professionals from different areas.
  5. Communication: among the various projects there stands out the radio program “Wagon of Inventions – Citizenship on the airwaves”, winner of the Children’s Prize ’95 (Abrinq Foundation) as the best children’s program, now adapted to television.  Collaboration with research institutes, various publications and the Brazilian Information and Documentation Network for Childhood and Adolescence (REBEDIA).


  1. Our most notable achievements have been: helping street children and street youth,
    advising educational centers and projects in the area of teacher training, direct attention in child-care centers, establishment of community libraries, formation of cultural agents, pedagogical publications, professional training for young people, basic education for grades one to eight.  We have also advised communities lacking basic structures and have helped them to set up systematic community programs for children and adolescents, which provide school equivalency programs, professional training and formation for teachers and administrative personnel.
  2. For we, it is important to also mention, the public recognition of our work, revealed for the received prizes - "Prize Betinho de Cidadania" in 1999 "Efficient Good" in 1998, Prize Child of Foundation ABRINQ in 1995 and Prize "Right Human" of the Ministry of Justice - and for our consecutive election for. 4º management of the CONANDA - National Advice of Defense of the Rights of the Child and the Adolescent.

Goals for the coming years

As the basis of our Strategic Plan we are implementing two key activities: a) strengthening the institutional activity by way of quality education projects and b) creating the Department of Institutional Cooperation with the aim of planning and developing actions which broaden our reach and reinforce our institutional sustainability.

We are therefore continuing the process of systematizing with emphasis on improving our services through professional training of the team of state coordinators, educational consultors and educators; and by working in the development and negotiation of projects in order to obtain funds.  This latter activity means increasing and diversifying the financing sources and  involving local organizations, individuals and private companies in the following activities:

  1. Identification, definition and sending of projects to international financing agencies;
  2. Identification of national donors: companies, foundations, public agencies, universities, etc;
  3. Consolidation of “The Company of Childhood”, a program for obtaining human and financial resources, through education and motivation  of civil society in general and of the people served directly by Jesuit schools in particular,

We seek to promote activities of institutional development such as the following:

  1. Conducting an impact evaluation, with the object of evaluating the impact of our educational services, beginning with the activity of teacher training.
  2. Creating an institutional maintenance fund for the sustainability of institutional post-project activities, with a value of 10% of the annual budget assigned to the projects.
  3. Consolidating the process of institutional development by  training of the promoters of Fe y Alegria  and by finishing the process of systematizing our educational practices.

Director: Carlos Fritzen S.J. 
Oficina: Rua Rodrigo Lobato 141,
Sumaré, Sao Paulo,
S.P. Brasil CEP 05030-130
Telefax: (55)11-38659761
Correo-e general:
Correo-e del Director: