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Fe y Alegria finds itself in a process of development both qualitative and quantitative; there is geographic expansion and at the same time consolidation of its organizational structures. The International Federation has decided to assume a Global Plan for Institutional Development and Strengthening as a common undertaking, in order to respond to the new challenges of the 21st century.

It seeks to achieve:

  • An international movement which is more cohesive, integrated and secure of its identity; a movement with a stronger sense of belonging and co-responsibility in the mission of Fe y Alegria and the Federation.
  • An international movement with a participative structure and organization suitable for efficient internal management and highly trained personnel. A movement which becomes an promoter of public action, along with other bodies, in order to contribute to the overcoming of poverty and exclusion and to provide a quality education for everyone.
  • An international movement with proposals, programs, projects and activities of Popular Education and Social Development that are coherent with its identity, its objectives and its mission statement. A movement which gives inspired, pertinent and competent responses to the needs of marginalized groups within the context of their own cultures, and to the technological challenges and the demands of the world of labor. A movement which contributes to integral and sustainable human development.
  • An international movement which expands its presence within the countries where it exists and also to other countries, always aware of the critical situations but careful not to neglect the quality of the programs it already has in progress. A movement that not only strives to reach a greater number of students and other participants by means of diverse methods of formal and non-formal education, communication, community development, public action, etc., but also becomes a significant actor in the design and execution of policies at the national, continental and international levels.

In sum, we seek to become an international movement of Popular Education and Social Development which is a leader in its proposals and which has a potent capacity to offer opportunities to the neediest sectors of Latin American society and, if possible, other countries and continents as well.

Faithful to its mission, Fe y Alegria will continue to concentrate its efforts in the places where the people with least opportunity are found, favoring those social groups which are discriminated against for socio-economic, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, gender, or age factors or because of special educational needs.